Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mobile home love vs small mindedness

Three years ago when we bought our home we got a Lot of looks. Those looks that come from people that are stuck in the media driven stereotypical frame of mind....that mobile homes are where people live when they can't afford a stick built home, for whatever reason. This really pisses me off!

Here's the thing, my husband and I "chose" a mobile home for our first house together. We have also chosen a mobile home for our next house in Florida. Here's why, in the years we have been able to pay cash for two homes, eliminate all debt that had accumulated in our pre-3namehouse lives, and live comfortably in the mean time. How many couples (in their 30s) in this country can say that?

So I leave you with this thought...

Stick built home with a thirty plus year mortgage, that you have to kill yourself in job you hate, to pay it off....

Or a stick built home that happens to be mobile that can afford you to work a less demanding job and spend more time living.

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