Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where minimalism and creativity and a love for guns come together...

(Yes the slide actually moves back and the mag falls out!)
Bug has been interested in firearms for as long as I can remember. He bought his first gun encyclopedia when he was 2.
Fast forward 10 years and enter minimalism.
You get a young man with a creative streak that chooses to make his own toys guns
 out of cardboard instead of clutter his room with bulky plastic ones.
Don't get me wrong we have our share of Nerf guns BUT
as Bug explains
"I am using my imagination and ingenuity,
keeping boxes out of a landfill,
and making something that can still be recycled when I'm done playing"
How can I say no to that?

Raising children with Simple Desires

This is my finest creation. We call him Bug. He turned 12 last Friday.

 Three years ago, if you would have asked him what he wanted for his birthday - he may have responded with a list of toys he didn't need or things he wanted because one of the neighborhood boys had one.

Minimalism suits my boy. From the beginning I have been upfront with him about my goals to de-clutter our lives and listened openly to his suggestions and input along the way. It took him a bit longer to get on board applying minimalism to his own "stuff"...but I saw a change in his "wants" fairly quick.

He stopped asking for things on a regular basis and he adhered to the new house rule (one-in-one-out). He has also taken to searching ebay and shopgoodwill.com for secondhand items he desires.  He has passed up the chance to upgrade his phone this year..."my current one does everything I need, Momma". HE HAS BEEN LISTENING!!

This year when I asked my son what he desired for his birthday. I received a list of 5 things. Most he has been saving his money for. There was only one toy on the list and the rest he could use for many years if not the rest of his life. I was told though that he would prefer a birthday party over anything. One like we had when he was very little. With the whole family! This is to be his last birthday in Ohio. We are moving south this coming spring.

So, That is just what we did! A surprise party at the park! All the grandparents (there are 5), family friends, cousins, aunt & uncle, his best friend (see pic below) and his parents (Papa, Momma & his Dad).

After a Friday night of storms and wind, the skies cleared 20 minutes before the guests arrived! It was the day I imagined all week long. He thanked us multiple times that evening. And he promptly went home and purged 10 items to make room for his new micro stereo, toy Barrett and the vintage Hubley cap gun he had been watching on ebay for months!


Momma is making art again!

For as long as I can remember my mother always had a project going. Painting, stain glass, crafts with the kids etc. And while her mediums have changed over the years her creativity hasn't.  My sister and I got worried when her cancer hit a little over a year ago. She lost her desire to create art. And anyone who makes anything knows this a very lonely place to be in one's mind.

After her six month check-up and a family miracle - She has found her new inspiration in paper & thrifted frames. SO I HAD TO GIVE HER A SHOUT OUT!

If you are interested in ordering one, please contact me @ lesliejones94@gmail.com

My tiny house inspiration...


This is the closest I can get to going home to the family farm. My Aunt Poppy & Unc Ed have taken this place from a 1.5 bedroom cottage to a rustic beauty that has inspired me in my own tiny home journey. ALL of the wood siding, fencing, mill work was done by my Uncle. The trees taken off the land and used in the expanding of the main house which now includes a summer kitchen and a few screened outdoor living areas, even a root cellar. All allowing access to my Aunt's garden and hen house. Growing up around here consisted of cannoe rides, bunny runs, picnics on pine hill, camping the summer nights away all of my cousins.  It is awesome to see it transform over the years. I strive to raise my boy with the values I learned here. And that the land provides all you need to live and grow and play. Trees do build a home, earth to grow food, woods to roam.

 Redbud is just around the corner from my grammy and grampy's farm where they raised their girls (all 6 of them!) and Gpa took us grandkids shooting and hiking when we where young.

This is as close to the family farm as I can get these days. Going to Poppy & Ed's is my way of going home. I am thankful I can share that with my son.

Do you have a "home" from your childhood to return to?