Friday, May 24, 2013

It folds up!!!

Loving this new bike! Wish me luck I haven't rode it yet.
Ok, my neighbor have me this sad little bike, the seat was broken, brakes didn't work, tires were flat.
BUT IT FOLDS UP!!! So, of to my friends at a local bike repair it went. Once home I replaced the seat (go tools!!!) and cleaned her up.
I look at it this way. Yes, I already have a trike. No the trike can't go camping with me (enter new foldy bike). Yes, I had to pot some money into it, but it didn't go to the dump! And it was way cheaper than buying new. Score!!!
PS. It matches my lil car, Lucy. AND IT FOLDS UP!!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project 333 - my new way of dealing with my wardrobe

I recently found this fantastic concept of controlling your minimal wardrobe without feeling restricted. I love this idea (thank you Courtney Carver) you utilize 33 items in your wardrobe, packing the rest away until the next 3 month cycle (for details please go here)!!!

The bonus for me, MY SON HAS DECIDED TO JOIN ME!
He has been tossing around the idea of creating his own "uniform" for a while now. After I did the 6 item challenge a few months ago, he starting asking lots of questions about his clothing and who makes it, why fads are fads and people give in to them etc. (I love watching my child's brain grow!)

I still need to take pictures of his 33. I will post mine shortly.

We did adjust a couple of the rules a little to fit our life. We are limiting our pj's and lounge ware to 3 outfits - as we both sleep and exercise in the same clothes. And we aren't really counting jewelry as items because we both wear the same jewelry every single day.

Bug - wears a ring his great Grammy got him for Christmas and a set of dog tags my Soldier Husband gifted him the first Christmas we started dating.

I - wear my wedding set (obviously), a pearl necklace, and silver hoops (my Grampy gave me before he passed).
Needless to say we both are pretty minimal in our jewelry. BUT, I have a scarf thing...Not sure what to call it. So, to make sure I reigned that addiction  - I made sure to add them into my 33. Will power! HAHA!!

Please feel free to join us on our Project 333 challenge! More info to come!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bark for Life 2013

 This past weekend, Offspring and I took the four-leggeds to Bark for Life!

This is Offspring with his dog Dex.
 This is my old boy, Avery. He made over a mile and then sacked out in the car for most of the morning.
 This is my beautiful StepMommy. She is a big player in helping her local chapter of Relay for Life (when she isn't faced with family illness). So we are helping support her this year and taking part is the Relay in July.
 Waiting to start...
And they are off!
 There were Doggy demos of various kinds...
Ave, working that last lap!

I highly recommend checking out Relay for Life, or the American Cancer Society to see how you can participate in a local event or donate to the cause.

I bet you or someone you love has been effected by cancer....

Help us stop it in it's tracks.

To sponsor my walk this July please go here to show your support. Thank you!