Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Many changes & projects the past month...

First up...

The carpet has been the soar spot of our household since we moved in. The youngest member of our household has asthma induced by allergies. We have 2 dogs and a cat, which thankfully he is not allergic to, BUT they carry in dust and allergens that he is sensitive too. Between Husband and myself the carpet was getting vacuumed EVERYDAY (major time suck!) And I am not all than fond of vacuuming anyway. Sooooooooo, when a friend of mine offered us some recycled composit (yay green living) at a fantastic price (yay budget friendly!), offered to show me how to install it and was on call for any follow up questions, I couldn't say no!

It took a full week of working after work every evening and 2 full weekends...We have new flooring in the dog's room, hall way and living room. It was truly a family project. Husband pulled out carpet, Offspring pulled staples and I followed along with new floor.
I am so happy with the outcome! One trip around the house with a dry dust mop per day
 instead of 30 minutes vacuuming, YES PLEASE!
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