Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lucy has a new big sister!

An F250 hauling a 15ft trailer decided to park in Husband's back seat while he was stopped in traffic. Roxy was totaled. SO, car shopping we went...again, six weeks after we baught her! OH, and yes Husband is ok. A little bumped up...but very lucky.

So, Husband's truck blew up last week...which didn't help or budget planning for the end of the year. After thorough research on a price to fix it, we came up with a win/win.
The truck is bring sold to our mechanic, yay recycling! And Husband gets a Jeep that is well in side our budget and saving for our future move is still doable...
Enter Roxie.... (yes, I name our vehicles,, makes filling paperwork much more fun!)
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