Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transplanting humans

Morning world!

Now that all of the parents and grandparents have been personally told, I can reveal our next big adventure! (as my mother calls it)

3namehouse is moving! Not the blog, but it's humans. We recently sold our Ohio home and are pulling up roots to and heading south!

January 2013 we had taken a family trip to Florida to see family friends. And while both my husband and I have been to Florida in the summer, neither of us had been there in the winter. Let me tell you! As a kid who always had a snow storm on her birthday...I was in heaven! It took me 37 years to have a pool party for my birthday, who wouldn't want that?! After lots of discussion on the flight home about "having to go back to normal life" in cold Ohio. It was mentioned by offspring "Why do we have to go back?" This question planted a seed in Husband's and my brain. Now, in my entire life I had never pictured myself moving from Ohio. I pictured traveling and visiting far off places, but move? Well, never say never.

After a year of planning and putting the house on the market. We are ready!

It's been a long road coming. I will write about this later. Lots of ups and downs, highs and lows...it is a work out for the emotions!

In six weeks I will be writing from the beach. I am SO looking forward to the changes and new opportunities that await our lil family.

Side note: Does anyone have any advice on moving across country with a herd of dogs?

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