Monday, March 11, 2013

Facebook, my thoughts

Facebook is a convientient way to keep track of everyone in your life. I admit that. It can be down right addicting. I love being able to see my cousin's and their offspring grown. And heaven forbid, it is a quick way to get the word out if something goes wrong in the family.

That said, I am growing to despise it. I honestly feel it has weakend our family bond. I remember a time when we would call each other after school even if we lived miles away at the time. I know,  we evolve and grow up. Our priorities change. Mine have. BUT, I feel the need to change this before it is too late. I only hope my attempt will be met half way.

When did it become to hard to send a personal text to our love ones? A phone call would be great, but I would settle for a text at this point....hell, snail mail? Do people still write letters?

Facebook has become a crutch. An excuse to lean on when someone asks "why didn't I know about (fill in the blank_)". Our replies are often "Didn't you see it on Facebook?".  My new reply  - "No I didn't because I am canceling my account".

I love my family. I miss their company. I miss our laughs and cries. I am going to attempt a new route with our communications. I respect the changes as we have grown up and apart. I can only hope we haven't become to distant to find our way back to our family ties. And that their desire to have me and my lil family in their lives is a bigger priority than a social networking site.
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